Monday, March 5, 2007

The Meaning of Life, Part I

I'm currently sitting, staring at a building wall of snow, reminiscing about my weekend in tropical New York City, wondering how the fuck this is possible. Oh well. Anyway, I had an interesting conversation that I wanted to write down in order to flesh it out in my head (, in case you're curious like I was). Then I started fleshing it out and it was far too preachy so I cut it. The thrust of my argument was that history will look upon America favorably and sometimes we, as Americans (although I am aware that I now have a cult following in the Far East), forget all of the advances that we've made and all of the good that we've done. Regardless of political affiliation, sometimes it's good to step back and appreciate this country for its successes rather than wallowing in its failures.

Also, today I almost threw my shoe at the television when the contestants failed to finish both rounds of Jeopardy. How is it possible, with all of the advances in technology - when we can put a man on the moon and I can pay for McDonald's with an EZ pass - that Jeopardy has yet to assemble a team of editors that can eliminate the time element. It's not like they film the show live for fucks sake. And it's invariably one or two answers that don't get revealed. They could cut out 30 seconds of Trebek's witticisms each night and put a commercial in its place and i wouldn't notice the difference. I understand the time element within each question but for the overall board it just seems mind numbingly stupid that they can't get it all in, all the time.

Finally, I had an idea for a website today that is devoted entirely to people posting embarrassing information about themselves that they could never bring themselves to admit to others in public but could readily admit anonymously on-line. The first idea for said forum: the fact that [they] post anonymously on-line.

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