Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Not again.


Struggle, stretch, cold, cold, cold, piss...


Did I already use the shampoo?

Clothes. Day.

I walk fast, I'm late (most of the time), I pass people.

Subway. Read, try not to look at phone for time, look at phone for time.

8:58: "Last stop, Broad St."

I want to be the first one out of the subway. Not out of the car or train but out of underground. I derive a frightening amount of satisfaction from this success.

Walk. Fast.

Pass two asian cops, never seen two asian cops together in New York. I've seen two asian cops in Tokyo, are there two white cops in Tokyo?

Boots. God bless the women of New York.

Eyes. She gives'em, I squint.

Bagel, coffee. Same cart, same pleasantries, same order. I have cart brand loyalty.

$2.00, "Have a good day fellas"

Elevator, desk, 9:06.

Asleep 40 minutes ago?

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