Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The interlude

I'm in the midst of writing a very extended story, but I've found/thought of, a couple interesting things I think might be worthwhile until then.
These are some comically bad (?) exam answers that do well to express desires we've all had from time to time. I really like the "Find X" answer myself. In the interest of full disclosure, every time a question is posed to me in a similar format I take at least a couple minutes to answer in a comical fashion before addressing the real crux of the matter. I'm a T.A. btw.

(Sports related disclaimer)
I think Florida's victory in yesterday's national championship game is interesting for a variety of reasons but primarily due to the questions surrounding Billy Donovan's departure from UF.
I've heard allot of talking heads discussing the need for Donovan to leave UF because the school has no basketball tradition. They claim he'll forever play second fiddle to the football program at Florida. I do not dispute the importance of football at Florida however a look at Duke's history prior to Coach K's rise to prominence suggests that a basketball legacy can be made in a relatively short period of time.
From 1970 (around the time when the NCAA tournament became the top dog of postseason play) until 1986 the Blue Devils only made 1 final four appearance. They were by no means the program we have all come to know and hate in its current incarnation.
I think Donovan, with his recruiting abilities and coaching supremacy, can create a similar legacy at UF. There are no rules against a school having two dominant programs, and with Donovan at the helm there is no reason to believe UF can't be that program.

I'll be back tomorrow with a tale of magnificent deviance.

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