Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Two Links That Will Change Your Life

Alright maybe that's a bit bold, but they're definitely worthwhile.
First; media outlets officially need to rethink their business model. The bottom line (pun not initially intended but then realized and appreciated) is that piracy is no longer an anomaly, it's the norm, and until media outlets start to capitalize on the explosion of "illegal" viewers, they'll continue to suffer setbacks. (That link is much cooler than the argument that followed, trust me click on it, you will not be disappointed).
Second; I had thought that this website was more well known but I mentioned it in a class today and not a soul knew of it. I certainly don't consider myself beholden to the thoughts of critics and I don't recommend anyone else be, but the site is a cool way to get informed about what people are talking about and what may capture your own interest.

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