Monday, June 4, 2007

The Death of Hair Metal

I missed Friday's Jeopardy due to a scheduling problem (I had scheduled to be drunk watching the Yankee game and the local Jeopardy affiliate refused to change our appointment), so I was shocked to see Sebastian Bach back, defending his two day crown. He didn't fair particularly well today, losing to a man who seems to take his stylistic inspiration from the characters of Fraggle Rock, but apparently he aspires to take his winnings and pursue a math degree at Va. Tech. A noble goal, an one that will hopefully allow him to avoid the financial demise associated with many members of the hair metal industry.

Couple other things:

If you've completed watching Saturday's Super Size Me (with Whiskey!) post, you may enjoy this New Yorker article, on the existential divide within the Republican party. But only if you've finished watching Super Size Me (with Whiskey!). Dinner first, then dessert.

Also, it's a bit late but I wanted to mention Lebron's performance on Thursday evening. After seeing that, if you wanna crown him then crown his ass. Magnificent.

And regarding the Sopranos, that was one of the most intense hours of (fictional) television I have ever witnessed. Great television. One thing I noted in particular was the display of collateral damage that Chase chose to incorporate into the episode. The mishandled attempt on Phil's life is the obvious example (which I think also served to highlight the drastic differences in competency between New York and Jersey) but the motorcyclist getting run over during the hit on Sil is the example that really drove home the point. On the face of it, that scene is entirely gratuitous, however Chase and co. do not engage in gratuitous violence nor do they pander to an audience. That scene (and many other scenes throughout the series) was included to remind the viewers that it is not only those associated with mob activities that suffer from its violence and ruthlessness. Excellent scene, excellent episode, wonderful show, it will be missed.


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