Friday, June 8, 2007

GWBG Cares about Black People

At least as much as I care about white people anyway. I first read about these studies in Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell, and I thought that they were a wonderfully innovative way to test the subconscious. Thus far I've taken the Race IAT, the Sexuality IAT, and the Presidents IAT. Apparently I have no prejudices regarding race but I have a preference for straight people over gay people and for Reagan over Bush (aside: about a week ago I realized that if I included my confirmation name, my first three initials are GWB. This amuses me to no end).

It's good to know that I harbor no racial preferences. When I was in high school, there was this girl in my AP US History class that was amazingly stupid. For some reason I was thinking about race one day when she offered up one of her gems of anti-wisdom. She was white and it occurred to me that I know far too many idiots in my own race to believe we could possibly be superior to another race. That was an important revelation in my life. Not that other races aren't inferior to mine, but that mine, could not possibly be superior to any others.

On an entirely unrelated note, I highly recommend picking up this months Esquire (in fact I recommend getting a subscription, it's $8 well spent). There's an article on radical honesty by A.J. Jacobs, that is excellent. In the near future I'm going to write a post in the radically honest format (this current post is honest, it's just not radically honest). There is also a Stephen King novella that's dynamite.

I'm in the midst of putting together a 'top 5 people I'd like to get drunk with' post but I'm on my way out and don't want to rush it. I'll prob finish and post it tomorrow. Two other administrative notes; first, Wednesday's post was an article I wrote for a magazine article writing class, it's long but I thought people might find it interesting, second, a fellow blogger commented on a story a couple days ago and while I was reading the comment, I noticed that their is a 'preferences' section. Apparently I had it set up so that only people who registered were allowed to comment. Apologies, you can now comment without having a blogger account (I don't mean to suggest that you're falling all over yourself to comment, I just want to let you know of the availability). Be back soon.

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"McNutts" said...

I felt like a comment of any kind was now warranted. My comment: I prefer sandals to shoes.