Thursday, December 27, 2007

Your New Year's Resolution

In the book Jitterbug Perfume, Pan, a centaur-like God loses power as the number of his human believers dwindles. The argument made by author Tom Robbins, by way of fantastical novel, is that the things that are important in life aren’t the actual thing but rather the belief in the thing.[1]

The Superhero Complex is the belief in that thing in all of us.

We all have abilities that we believe are exceptional. Skills like cooking, painting, decorating, arguing, dressing, trading stocks, anything under the sun that we (a) really enjoy doing and (b) think we are uncommonly good at.

The Superhero Complex is the belief that in one area of our lives, in one specific way, we are extraordinary. The Superhero Complex needn’t be confirmed by any third party or objective source, it need only exist within the individual.

The Superhero Complex in all of us is what is great about humanity. It isn’t that we are all actually great or extraordinary at something it is that we believe we are. The pursuit of the Superhero Complex activity is the purest and truest way for each of us to spend our time. The loss of the Superhero Complex is the saddest fate that can befall an individual and has led to untold misery.

My Superhero Complex is my belief that I have ideas that are worth sharing. I share these ideas through this space and the point isn't whether or not I succeed in garnering a wide readership but the pursuit of my Superhero Complex. When I write and when I post I am feeding my Superhero Complex and that is the most important aspect of the complex and its universal truth. We are our happiest when we believe in our Superhero Complex and pursue that in which we believe.

For my New Years resolution I am pledging to pursue my Superhero Complex with greater vigor. I recommend you decide what your Superhero Complex is and go after it like the pro you think you are (even if no one else does).

Because God only ceases to exist in the hearts of those that don’t believe in him.[2]

[1] This assertion could be entirely wrong.

[2] I’m one of them (kind of).

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