Monday, June 9, 2008

What Nobody Involved in Politics Will Say

There's been a great deal of talk lately about Clinton supporters, specifically white women, defecting to the McCain camp in the general election.  This is a result of the disappointment that many Clinton supporters have felt from her failed candidacy.  What nobody is willing to admit and what is crucial to the coming GE, is that a large proportion of women vote on emotion.  Let us not presume that men do not vote for equally senseless reasons, such as what baseball team their candidate supports, but let us also admit that emotions play a bigger role in the female decision making process than the male.

If we follow that assumption we can understand that 1) many of the women who currently claim they will defect to the McCain camp are doing so out of frustration from the Democratic primaries and 2) when Obama smokes McCain in terms of likability and overall capacity for compassion in the forthcoming debates he will make huge inroads among this critical segment of the electorate.

Obviously it's controversial to discuss such a matter and I'm sure that some of the women who were reading this post have ceased well before reading this point but it's certainly worth consideration.

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