Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Bands Played On Part II

Before we get to the the other two bands a couple random thoughts:

Two nights ago I was watching a show on the history of tobacco on the History Channel (oh the irony). At one point they were discussing all of the endorphins that nicotine release in the brain upon consumption of tobacco. There was a graphic that showed all of the nicolicious goodness that passes through the brain during the drug's travels. It was the strongest endorsement for tobacco I've ever seen. I actually felt like I was depriving myself by not smoking.

I've actually just returned from a cigarette. That's how good the segment was.

The other point I want to mention occurred to me while I was watching the Seinfeld where Jerry passes on a threesome claiming he's not a "threesome guy". After watching Curb Your Enthusiasm I'm convinced that bit of humor was pure Larry David. Jerry is definitely a threesome guy and does not have the type of neurosis that would even allow for such a thought. I have absolutely no way to prove this theory but I think it makes sense.

On to the show.

The first note I wrote about the second band was "AP Biology A students"...apparently I hadn't realized that their name is Tacks, the boy disaster - cause I think I might have had a thought or two about that (current thought: if your a band and you have a comma in your name, you might want to shore up your bartending abilities). My next note was about the mustache that one of the members sported which was neither kitsch nor ironic, it would probably best be described as a Chris Hansen stache. Regarding their music, it was both powerful and disorganized, I saw glimpses of real talent but not enough cohesion as a unit to warrant much more explanation (see for yourself at their myspace page).

The final performer was Chase Pagan, who was honestly very good. The only complaint I have was that he was a bit flip during his performance. I normally appreciate acts that don't take themselves too seriously but I felt like it did a disservice to his talents. He does have quite a bit of talent and with a bit of refinement to his stage presence he has a serious future.

The Living Room as a venue was unusual but agreeable. The front room is standard LES bar fare but it leads to a curtain covered back room where the performances took place. The back room has a service bar and about 20 tables which seat probably 60 or so people in sum. Its a cool space, one in which a drunk might end up talking about Bikram Yoga with the bartender despite a complete lack of understanding of Bikram Yoga, perhaps.

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