Saturday, October 13, 2007

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Stripper

I'm sorry I haven't been posting more frequently. Now that I've moved to Brooklyn I've devoted most of my time to the pursuit of my career as an MC. My name is Cervantes and my band is the Extraditables. We play post-funk hop, it's really starting to take off. There's a picture of my group and I sitting at a bar with sippy cups instead of beer mugs in front of us. That's our publicity photo. I'll be posting it in the near future. The rest of my time is spent with my dog, Pavlov. I love him and indulge most of his food requests.

I have an idea for a painting. Unfortunately even as a child I could barely fingerpaint so instead of attempting to paint my idea I'll describe it for any budding artists who happen upon this post and desire to attain artistic immortality. The idea is relatively simple but its implications on the art world would likely be tantamount to what Da Vinci did with the Mona Lisa. Prepare to have your mind blown:

A first person depiction of what life appears like from the eyes of a man getting a lap dance in a strip club.

This idea is brilliant and possibly revolutionary for three reasons.

First: it's provocative. Not only do you have a woman's naked body but you have all the other visual delights that your typical strip club offers. Including, but not limited to, sleazy old men gawking at (possibly) 18 year old women, clear heels, a neon Stroh's sign, a greasy dj and a world of other possibilities

Second: I would name the painting Don't Touch. As such it would mimic the reality of the art gallery experience.

Third: it appeals to pseudo-intellectuals and dirtbags equally.

If you or somebody you know would be interested in pursuing this endeavor please contact me at 555-4327.

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