Monday, May 21, 2007

For Fuck's Sake

A friend of mine told me I was the only person, he knows, who uses the above phrase and I figured it'd make a good headline. Anyway, I had an outrageous weekend and I'll write about it tomorrow but I've treated my body like elementary school students treat the new kid lately and really need to pack it in for the evening. I haven't posted much at all recently and that is going to change, stat.

Two things I did want to mention include this link, which is a great story about drinking alone (I'm genuinely impressed with how well it was written) and is part of a magazine entitled Modern Drunkard Magazine. I am so excited about that concept I can't even control myself. And this link, which is a touch too conspiratorial for my nature but is nevertheless interesting and I do think net neutrality has been drastically under reported by the "mainstream media." Be back tomorrow.

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