Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Under Construction

A friend of mine recently wrote his first article for NBC It seems to be pretty clever analysis of a sport called baseball. I'm not really familiar with the game, but he has a team from Boston leading the way, so it can't be very highly regarded. Anyway, he'll be writing a weekly column for NBC so I definitely recommend checking it out.

An exchange I had with him (in addition to one I had with another friend of mine) prompted me to alter the format of this blog. Unfortunately due to some unexplained computer problems - Proving Once again theRe is No such thing as a free lunch - I have yet to complete the needed changes. Over the next couple days, I will find and add blogs I think are worthy of the illustrious distinction of being called, Your Favorite Blogger's Favorite Blogger's Favorite Blogs. They'll likely cover a variety of fields and will hopefully be of interest to anyone that is of interest.

Otherwise, Mehrun Etebari has been running the show on Jeopardy lately. Today he Cliff Clavin'd a stiff from Baltimore and a former four-time Jeopardy champ, all while wearing a green suit. Plus he displays the perfect mix of excitement and modesty when each whopping new cash total is announced. Over 5 days he's won upwards of $125,000. Needless to say, I'm excited about the Etebari reign.

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