Thursday, May 24, 2007

I'm the Asshole

I'm putting together an account of the weekends debauchery but haven't had the time to complete it. In the mean time, I find it fascinating that Ron Paul is occupying 4 of the top 6 rated videos on YouTube this week. The youth vote will eventually realize its potential through the power of the internet and I wonder if the '08 presidential election will be that time.

Otherwise, the douche bag who won jeopardy deserves to be beaten with a shillelagh for his performance on today's show. In the midst of a "run-away" (otherwise known as a Cliff Clavin) with three questions left to go, under a minute left to play, and control of the board, he stalled in an attempt to ensure his opponents would not reach his halfway point. It took him a good 15 seconds before he chose a new category topic (or perhaps before even he realized he wasn't a big enough douche to continue the charade). I swear to God I can pick out people who would engage in such behavior within minutes of knowing them, and I shall never respect such individuals, never.

Regardless, the real salient point here is that it is ridiculous that in a time of micro-editing Jeopardy still has a time limit rather than just cutting the dead air time out and making sure each board is cleared before proceeding. I've mentioned this before and it pisses me off that this change has yet to be made.

The other thing I wanted to mention is the strangest natural disaster I've ever read about. Enjoy.

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