Thursday, May 31, 2007

Jeopardy Won by Warrant Frontman

It looked like a walk in the park for our boy Mehrun. His two opponents could not have spurred more confidence in his eventual success. The woman, with her chemically shaped hair and curious makeup, looked like a secretary in a New Jersey chiropracter's office. And the construction worker from Virginia, looked like the lead singer of a hair metal cover band. Then Mehrun came out sporting a red blazer and I felt like I was betting on Secretariat at the Belmont. (Personal side note: My friend Poog, is getting married in October, and my friend Angry, has suggested that we all wear red blazers to the wedding and to all our friends' future weddings. Further personal side note: another friend, has suggested that at our first bachelor party (prob not Poog's - the chick wouldn't approve), we all buy a bottle of Jack Daniels, lock ourselves in a single hotel room, air our grievances to each other, and then beat the crap out of one another.) Then Mehrun came storming out of the box and I felt like Charlie upon meeting Willie Wonka.

But then things took an unusual turn.

Mehrun went multiple categories without answering a single question. When he finally did ring in, he got one one wrong!?!?!?!?... he hadn't done that since his first day, he was unravelling. Then Sebastian Bach caught a daily double, down about $3,000, and risked $6,000!!! (he only had about $9,000 at the time, he deserves allot of credit for the gamble). Anyway, he answered correctly (on an exceedingly easy question), and won on a very difficult final jeopardy question, that both he and Mehrun answered incorrectly.

This unfortunate occurrence, coupled with Billy Donovan's signing with the Magic, has me on the ropes in terms of my predictions (not to mention the DC Madam debacle), I'm even starting to think I may be a jinx. Anyway, I'm going to head out and watch the rest of the Pistons/Cavs game...goooooo Pistons...also go Hillary, Mitt and McCain!!!

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