Sunday, July 8, 2007

Bloggin Like it's Temperate

I haven't been posting as much as I should and that is going to change. Starting this week, I'm setting a goal of three posts a week with two as the bare minimum. Hopefully they'll be worthwhile.

Meanwhile, I have a bunch of recommendations and some links.

First, I found this article to be really interesting. It essentially explains human behavior (particularly human behavior that is seen as inappropriate/stereotypical) through the lens of evolution. Much of the article (actually just about all of it) explains human behavior as an outgrowth of our (supposed) overwhelming desire to procreate. I honestly don't know if this idea is depressing or reassuring but its definitely one of them. I do think the idea falls apart when applied to the 10% of humanity known as "homosexuals". I don't know why they didn't address homosexuality in the article but it seems to be a glaring flaw in their position. Regardless, it's still worth checking out.

Second, I've posted the link to watch tons of tv shows on the internet before but I just recently realized that there are hundreds of movies on that site as well (the icon is on the top right of the page). I watched Oldboy the other day (it's gone now but it'll likely be back, the site seems to lose links sometimes and then has to replace them), it's a Korean film about a guy that is kidnapped and forced to live in a single room in solitary confinement for 15 years with just a television. He then escapes and seeks revenge. Excellent flick.

Third, that tv links site has recently added an episode of Man vs. Wild, also known as Your Favorite Blogger's Favorite Blogger's Favorite New Television Show (in Georgia, the former Soviet satellite). That show is badass. I'm not one to be skeptical about how "real" the danger is on shows like that. Even if there isn't a great deal of peril it still makes for great tv and entertainment's all about fantasy anyway right?

Forth, it occurred to me recently that the term movie comes from the term moving picture. I am uncertain as to whether I'm a retard for not knowing that or if that is a useful insight.

Fifth, I'll likely be back tomorrow. If not, definitely Tuesday.

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