Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Radically Honest Drinking

(Editor's note: The idea of this post was to do a running diary of drinking alone. It was also intended to be in the radically honest format. It turned out to be somewhat amusing but I'm going to do it again in the near future and at that point I won't edit for spelling or grammar mistakes. The editing I have done was minor (I regretted doing it after I realized that editing is antithetical to my purpose) but I also left some critical mistakes alone.)

I wanted to start this post at 8:00 but I got sidetracked by an Uncle’s 50th birthday party. This post is the documentation of the consumption of a magnum of wine with a bottle of Jack Daniels as my backup in case I finish the bottle and want to stay up longer (the Jack will definitely be consumed at least in part). This post is also going to be in the radically honest format. I am concerned that this may lead to stream of consciousness thoughts, which it almost certainly will to an extent, we’ll see what happens.

1026: Three glasses of wine into the night. Just got off the phone with my former roommate, Joe Han, talked for allot longer than I had expected. Our talk focused on the Government and its potential flaws (he works for the department of defense). Interesting to me, probably not to most, I expect to have more compelling thoughts over the next several hours, we’ll see.

10:38: I find an article based on Malcolm Gladwell’s study of war games. I had mentioned that to Joe Han but had thought it to be an article in the New Yorker, my experiment in alcoholism must make a turn in the near future otherwise I’m not even going to be willing to read it again.

10:41: I’m thinking about how boring this blog post is, I am also thinking about how I have Diet Coke rather than Coke for my Jack Daniel’s mixer, this is definitely not cool.

10:51: Fifth glass of wine: I just watched (apparently) 10 minutes of Man vs. Wild. I enjoyed this time but I am lacking anything insightful to say about it. I’m going to scour the internet and see if I find anything worth of my (and your) time for a while. But first I’m going to smoke a cigarette.

10:59: I just smoked a cigarette and have been thinking about the racial divide. I believe it to be a product of people’s perception and an unfortunate outgrowth of our history. While we’re continually willing to accept that a difference exists (which I believe is primarily proposed by people like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and white supremacists) we will continue to endure the wrath of racial suppression. I am drunk. I believe this.

11:03 I just looked at the couch my parents bought to my right. It is one or the most hideous couches I’ve ever seen. I wonder what they were thinking when they bought it. I’m about to watch Bill Stone’s Journey to the Center of the Earth, I’ll let you know what I think.

11:03: I just tried to watch Bill Stone’s Journey to the Center of the Earth: but it was wildly boring, I’m concerned that this may not actually be a post, it’s possible but I’m hoping that I have some important drunk Ideas over the next hour or two. We’ll see (six glasses).

11:15: I just finished my sixth glass of wine. I’m really concerned with the idea that I proposed before that talented individuals only have a certain amount of time to produce something superior. I just started in the spring and I’m certainly willing to accept the fact that I’m not there yet. I mean citizen cain was made by a 26 year old that shit freaks me out. Yesterday I wrote about a girl finding porn in her boyfriend’s bathroom.

11:19: I don’t know how but I saw allot of Hispanic speaking dudes telling me what to do. (Radical honestly, I really did). But I’m going to refocus, and create something good.

11:23: Apparently there are not people after me. I’m drunk and have allot more drinking to do but that seems to be a safe assumption (eight glasses)

11:25 I’m going to drink a fair amount of water, after that, I’ll experience drunkenness proper, we’ll see what happens.

11:46 I’m watching Man vs. Wild. I wonder how many of the women I’ve been with hate me. I don’t expect many of them to appreciate me much more than the species that Baer isn’t allowed to kill

11:49 There’s some sort or snake frightening Bear, he’s a harder mother fucker than me, that’s self evident, we’ll talk about this later

11:58 I can’t believe I’m still writing. I’m wonderfully drunk and writing like a retard. Hopefully my ex[ressopm wo;; be understandable/

1:48: The idea that I’ve been unable to convey, the idea that is unable of conveyance is existence. This is cheesedick but it’s the truth. We’ve lived; I’ve lived with an understanding of my own inabilities. This is wildly traumatic to me but if I’m not one of you, if I’m not one of us, I would be a liar. So we’re all the same and thus we are. Drunk or sober there’s no difference. Something I’ve always feared is not being Salinger or Fitzgerald. I’m not them. I’ll never be them, or even Klosterman or Simmons or Gladwell, I’m just a drunk, and I’m okay with that, sort of

2:05: I’ve spent the last 20 mins trying to figure out if I’m going to post any of this. I figure I’ll drink a touch more and figure it out from there (it took me 10 mins to type that scentence properly, fuck you English douches).

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