Monday, January 28, 2008

Flight of the Vultures

I've taken four flights over the last two weekends and have flown a fair amount in my life.  I've learned a great deal from my travels and feel that I have grown as a person as a result of the people I have met and the places I have seen.  

I have also seen the darker side of travel, the seedy underbelly of the human trafficking business.  Knowing this and knowing humanity as I (obviously) do, I've come to the conclusion that the primary source of mankind's unhappiness lies in our inability to streamline the boarding and unboarding processes on commercial airliners.  

When we. as people, are flying from one locale to another it is usually for one of three reasons a) to work b) to vacation or c) to visit family and/or friends (sometimes mistaken for b). 

These situations are usually either highly stressful or carry the burden of high expectations. Either way there is anticipation and anxiety both of which are exacerbated by tight spaces, stuffy air-flow and the near grasp of the next portion of ones trip. 

This creates frustration which is first, held in to be expanded during the unboarding portion of ones trip, and second, expelled from the traveller onto those of whom he is visiting.  This anger then spreads from visitee to others and eventually we have famine, drought, locusts and plague.  
All because we have yet to overcome the challenge of boarding and unboarding commercial airliners.

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