Thursday, January 3, 2008

Like a Woman Who Makes Her Living Off of Words She Can't Properly Define

I recognize the irony of writing the last post and then not posting for a week but sometimes life gets in the way. Anyway a couple quick thoughts, two links and a promise to be back tomorrow:

Can one be insane without being mad or mad without being insane?

An amusing aspect of modern living: my roommates and I have a toothbrush holder that doesn't really fit on our sink (it stands but whenever you turn the water on or off the cold water arm bangs into it). It's just inconvenient enough to piss me off every time I use it but just convenient enough to keep me from purchasing a new one. I have friends that have ice trays that are unusually shaped and kind of a pain in the ass. However, they hold water and when placed in a freezer create ice. Things that are just convenient enough to piss us off consistently without doing anything about them. I don't think these are isolated incidents.

I bought The National's record Alligator last week and it's gone a long way to confirming my suspicion that the National might be the best band on the planet right now (or at least New York anyway).

Two very funny old Onion articles:
Barbaro and in honor of the Iowa Caucasus

Be back tomorrow.

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"McNutts" said...

I got into a huge late night (5a.m.) argument with a friend and coworker about the Iowa Caucuses. He happens to be a congressman on the state level for New Hampshire. How fucking ridiculous is it that three of the most important states in choosing who runs for president are Iowa, South Carolina, and New Hampshire. They really represent the relevant voters of this country. Politicans blow so much sunshine up their asses about being "informed and active" in politics. I scream bloody bullshit. New Hampshire is allergic to taxes and have a ton of high schools that graduate less than half of it's enter class. Less than 50%. Iowa just chose Mike Huckabee as their choice for the Republican nominee. Yes. Very informed. As a New Yorker I can inform you that people from Iowa are fucking idiots. One of South Carolina's chief concerns for elected officals is terrorism. Explain that to a New Yorker.