Thursday, August 23, 2007

Not Quite my Mother's Basement but...

I'm currently living in my Father's den. It's about as fun as a series of gradually more invasive colonoscopies, but, due to his prime location on the East End of Long Island and my keen abilities as a waiter, it's a necessary evil. Anyway, I'm actually a resident of Williamsburg, Brooklyn and had been living there for about a month prior to my sojourn to the Hamptons. The area that I live in is particularly dense with Puerto Ricans and as such this is the first installment of....Observations of a White Man Living in a Puerto Rican Neighborhood in Brooklyn:

1. Puerto Ricans like to dance a great deal

2. Puerto Ricans are much better dancers than white people

3. Puerto Rican women are pregnant far more often than white women

4. Puerto Ricans have some sort of philosophical opposition to the boom box, as such all of their music is played from cars parked along the side of the street they’re hanging out on

More to come, and more general posting to be done in the near future.

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