Friday, August 17, 2007

Rhetorical Quiz

When I was in high school I wrote for my school's monthly magazine. A recurring feature was a rhetorical quiz. I'm much older now but I don't think that individuals can plagiarize from themselves so here go's:

1. Why does everyone over the age of 30 think that the "forward" is an acceptable form of internet communication?

2. Why would a Judeo/Christian God spend over 150 million years fucking around with dinosaurs before creating man "in his own image"?

3. I don't really trust this source funny would it be if Jenna Bush was pregnant? (Guess we'd have to scrap that whole abstinence only thing)

4. Do the people at Fox News really think that changing a couple words of the Al Franken wikipedia entry will change the mind of anyone who would go to the Al Franken wikipedia entry to begin with?

5. There are currently 22 facebook groups dedicated to ending women's suffrage. Okay so that's not a question.

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