Friday, August 10, 2007

A Post or not a Post; That is the Question

I ended yesterday's post by writing that I would be back today. While I had intended that to be true, and while that is technically now true, I did not intend the post to be like this. My laptop is experiencing traumatic computer failure and I'm currently writing this post at the 23rd Street Public Library in New York. As such I have only 45 minutes to take care of all my computing responsibilities for the day and can't give the time to the post I had intended (a rhetorical quiz which will be done on Monday).

On another topic, I once watched a TED lecture (I don't have the time to find it right now but will on Monday) in which the speaker said that every particle of our being is a different particle than those that made up our being when we were born. I can't explain why this is but it has something to do with atom replacement or matter substitution or other phrases I may or may not be making up. Anyway, the speaker used this point to illustrate how amazing the human mind is, in that it can maintain memories despite the replacement of the matter that stored said memories. I mention this because I am going to Saratoga this weekend for a friend's bachelor party. I suspect I may lose a great deal of memories from this trip as or even before they happen, but I hope to have at least one evening when I'm up from somewhere around 3 in the morning to somewhere around 6 with a bunch of friends, sitting around drunk as shit and ripping on one another. There is no greater experience than those times and those memories will last a lifetime.

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