Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Couple posts and a clarification

I want to make clear what I'm doing here because it occurred to me that I hadn't put together a blog mission statement. I am going to be posting links, I think are worth sharing; articles, I think others might like; and thoughts that I've encountered or conceived that may be compelling. I will not be writing much about my life because there are enough websites devoted to masturbation to bother making my blog one of them. I may occasionally write a story from my past that I think is funny but only if there is a universality to the humor. Without further ado, some links.

The funniest YouTube clip of the last month: - The "Mighty Finder" is by far my favorite character. I wish my - window's run - computer had the finder instead of its uninspired search function. Damn Bill Gates and his conventional thinking.

This is Chuck Klosterman's most recent post on - I think Klosterman is one of the most entertaining writers of his generation (along with Gladwell and Simmons). I wish he'd take a more definitive stance from time to time but I think that's part of his charm. Further, I can't really fault him for struggling to be definitive about the death penalty as I believe that there are certain people who, by the very nature of their acts, deserve to die but I don't think we have the proper mechanisms in place to carry their executions out.

Also, I really recommend subscribing to the podcast of This American Life from WBEZ in Chicago: - week in week out this is the best radio show I've ever heard. It really doesn't get any better, it's the Wire of radio programming.

Finally, I did not get today's final jeopardy question right as I was unable to name the most populated island in Indonesia (I was able to deduce that Indonesia was the forth most populated country in the world but the names of Indonesian islands are not something I learned in Global Studies) . Anyway, it's Java and here's the wikipedia listing if you're interested:

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