Monday, March 12, 2007

Music, for or against?

Couple things. There's a band called Moros Eros ( from Atlanta (or somewhere thereabouts) that I've been listening to allot lately. They kind of sound like Modest Mouse sometimes which is cool. Their drummer is supreme. I've also been listening to Portishead a fair amount lately and would definitely recommend them to anyone that likes chill mood music from time to time. Otherwise, below I have listed a hip hop mix that I use when I go to the gym and I want to list it for further suggestions.
Huslin' - Rick Ross
Blow - Rick Ross
What you know - T.I.
Bonnie n Shyne - Shyne
Bad Boys - Shyne
Gimme the Loot - Biggie
Ride Around Shining - Clipse
Brooklyn's Finest - Biggie and Jay-Z
Dead Presidents - Jay-Z
Ether - Nas
Who Shot Ya - Biggie
Quiet Storm - Mobb Deap
Hit em up - Tupac
As you can see I tend to prefer my hip hoppers to be hard when they step to the mic. I often say that I like rappers who I think would kill me for being white. That being said, I also tend to prefer east coast mc's. I don't really feel like I can relate to the west coast cats, what with growing up in such a different area and what not. If anyone has any suggestions for more singles to add to my list feel free to comment or email, thanks in advance.

On an entirely unrelated note, I had an interesting revelation about boxing and ufc last night at a local bar. ESPN Classic was showing the Tyson/Spinks massacre and I was telling my two drinking companions about when my family got the fight (the one time in family history I remember us getting pay-per-view) and then it was over in 90 seconds. When the announcements were done and the fighting began Spinks got smoked so quick you could miss it by looking down to take a drink. Anyway, it occurred to me that the reason I prefer boxing to ufc is because boxing is a more accurate metaphor for life. In boxing, as in life, strength and aggression are rewarded but not when unchecked. There is a specific set of rules, some of which are seemingly arbitrary, through which the contest must be played. Any violation of the rules and the contestant is reprimanded, multiple violations and the contestant can be disqualified. In ufc, the only rules are those intended to prevent serious lasting injury to ones opponent, there are no confines within which the match is played, it's a free-for-all in which any behavior is acceptable. I cannot think of a single situation in life in which this scenario plays itself out. Even war has rules. This is why, I don't think I can ever accept ufc as a sport, it's more like a barfight with a larger audience.

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