Thursday, March 1, 2007

Here's to America's Freedom

From an email I wrote a friend following July 4 weekend, the names have been nicknamed to protect the innocent:
Whats up man, I was going to email you yesterday but I got sidetracked, anyway the impetus of my email was the fact that Godzilla (sp?) already has your Sony email address...Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahtttttt?!?!?! How the hell did that happen, shocking. Anyway, friday we hung out at [overattended college bar in NYC], and Pretty Boy got us all trucked, I obviously don't remember the latter course of the evening which was to become my m.o. for the weekend. Sat we all went out to the Drift and had a good time, saw about everyone we've ever met from that wonderful outstretched island, pretty impressed with the clientele all things considered, not too (don't know how to italicize on lotus notes but that "too" would have been) steak face-ish, so we got by. Took a cab back to Cue Ball's place late night, Angry and Tiny passed out immediately while Cue Ball, Pretty Boy and I proceeded to polish of three Becks a bottle of 8 month old pre-made egg-nog and call 90% of our collective phonebooks (I don't explicitly remember calling you, but I'm sure you were in the mix). Lost track of things toward the end of the night and woke up on the floor sun morning...headed directly to Lobster Roll. Ordered the same thing Armand Asante had, delicious, dropped Cue Ball off back at his place and went to Pretty Boy's sister's beach house, hung out on the beach for awhile then drove back to Club Blue's place in Long Beach. Played poker with Sunshine, Shift Four and Psycho, I won which I'm rather proud of (beating Shift Four), drank some more and went to the Inn. Ran into [high school girl we hadn't seen in a while] at the Inn she looked special, left the Inn and went to Minnesotas, hung around there for awhile, saw a buddy of mine from the Point, bar backing did a bunch of shots with him realized I was no longer with everyone else and didn't know where my buddy from the Point was walked out of the bar, realized I had left my phone in Pretty Boy's car and had no idea how to get back to Club Blue or Mic Dego's place, walked in the pouring rain for a bit, blacked out and woke up in the hospital. Asked a nurse if I could leave, filled out a bunch of paperwork and hopped in a cab, realized I was still wearing a hospital gown (with jeans), and had the cab driver ask me if I was sure I was allowed to leave. Had him drive me to a department store, bought a shirt, put it on at the checkout counter, got back into the cab and dipped. All in all I think its only a matter of time before I start getting recruiting letters from AA. Later

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