Saturday, March 24, 2007

The invention inventory

So I was reading a Klosterman post from Esquire (, and I had just had another idea for an invention, so I figured I'd write about a couple of them.

First: Flip flops with a pocket in the side of the sole. The pocket would be very small, such that it would be difficult to place anything in there other than money or credit cards (or ID's). I have also envisioned this as a zipper pocket with a carrying case that has a bit of rope at the end of it, so you place the money and card in the case (think baseball card plastic protectors) and you slip it into the pocket. When you need to get it out, you can pull the bit of rope, pay the bartender, and start drinking. Ideal for beach environs.

Second: For magazine subscriptions; the option of having the magazine sent to your home, or, having a credit card sent to your home that allows you to "purchase" one issue of the magazine at a newsstand per month. This is ideal for forgetful or oft-late individuals, who find themselves at airports/train stations, wishing they had the copy of a magazine that is sitting on their coffee table. Instead, the costumer would pay the annual subscription rate and the credit card would entitle them to one newsstand copy a month. The cards could be sponsored by actual credit card companies as a way of recouping production and tertiary costs.

Third: A program that turns a computer keyboard into a music keyboard. So when the application is accessed the "a" button becomes a certain sound, the "b" button a similar but somewhat higher pitched sound and so on and so forth. This program would also allow for recording, thus allowing any user to become a DIY music producer who could then upload their "beats" to a file sharing service and show their "skillz".

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