Friday, March 9, 2007

Reasons I support limited government: and
... wait, you mean the Patriot Act created a pathway for corruption? No fucking way. Didn't everyone think it was a good idea to endow a single branch of the government with unchecked powers? The idea of checks and balances is kind of archaic anyway right?...It leaves me longing for the days when the Republican party stood for small government but it also does well to show the perils of the two party system.

Otherwise, a funny story to tell from the past.

This isn't a top 10 story but it's funny nonetheless.
I was 15 years old and my parents were misguided enough to let my friends and I go into the city for St. Patty's day. We went in and stayed at a friends' step-father's place on 5th avenue. We started drinking at about 11 or so and by 1 I was firmly implanted on the toilet. I was taking care of business when a Beastie Boy's song came over the sound system (this was an outrageous apartment that had speakers in about every crevice including the bathroom). I was a huge Beasties fan at the time and started jamming - with the head bobs and all - as I was drinking my Harp. So I went to take a slug as my head drops from the jam and slams into the bottle. This wasn't all that disconcerting at the time but shortly thereafter I realized that my front teeth were no longer as square as they had been before. I passed it off as a basketball injury when it was first recognized by the elders and to this day I still have a slightly chipped right front tooth (as well as a slightly chipped left front tooth but that's another story entirely).

Otherwise, tremendous YouTube directors can be found here: enjoy.

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