Wednesday, March 7, 2007

How many days a week do you drink?

Never fewer than two and never more than seven. The perfect answer.

Just a couple quick things.

I was really surprised to see this on the NYT site today: . Generally I'm pretty ambivalent toward the police but I've always found the NYPD to be an extremely well run organization. It made me wonder if the police paradox - if they ever totally eradicate crime, there would be no need for them - is coming to fruition to a certain extent in NYC. Statistics are an important part of improving rank and I can see no reason for this to be done other than statistics. The NYPD is the 5th largest standing army in the world, and New York doesn't have near the crime rate it once did.

This is awesome, words cannot explain. Make sure you wait for the music to start:

Till tomorrow.

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